Hey im lookinf for people to play with:)

So i just started playing pso2 a few day ago and it would be cool to party up with some people so if u want to u can add me on xbox so we can play, my gamer tag is Valelejuly :)))

I hope you find a bud to play with!

Which ship are you on?

I will admit I'm also a bit curious what ship they play on

I too am curious about this, as I always don't mind interacting with more ship 3 people if they want to contact me about stuff.

@Nerzarn im on ship 3 toooo 🙂

@ValeleJuly said in Hey im lookinf for people to play with:):

@TheMCPanda ship 3 :)))

Sadly I'm on ship 1 but I wish you the best

Darn. I'm on ship 2 myself.

But I hope you find a ton of Ship 3 friends!

@ValeleJuly Gotcha, I'll give you a ping then!

@Nerzarn is it ok if i dont have a mic? It stopped working a few days ago and i cant buy a new headseat cuz quarantine

That's all good! 🙂

@Nerzarn alright great i'll add u back