Braver To Ranger Help (Bow)

So I started as a Braver and use nothing but the bow and had my subclass as Ranger. After 20 hours or so of being at level 75 as a Braver I didn't realize the subclass stayed at level 55 this whole time. So that was a waste. Finally changed my main class to Ranger and was wondering if using the bow I used as a Braver is ok or if I should change to a gun of some sort?

If it is just for the sake of leveling, and assuming that your bow is usable as Ranger, then you can just keep using it with the only drop off being any Weapon Collection title boosts.

You'll do a bit less damage but you can use the bow related skills like Rapid Shot so it might be better. If you need a bow to use I suggest grabbing the Sigma Branch if you can't get the Rikauteri (which you can buy in the Unique Weapon Badge shop, not sure if it drops off anything).

@Grave-Knight i have the rikauteri right now which is +12. i have an elder rifle but its super weak right now even thou the attack is 1120