so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?

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we don't even have the damn skill reset pass

From what I understand if you buy a skill tree you can than use SG to transfer that skill tree to another class effectively resetting your tree. Just know it takes 100 SG to move the skill tree each time (or was it 200?), and it can't be the active tree for the class when you change it to another class.

@Jr u should`nt assume age dude.

A few changes include the following.

  • NA server removed the friend system in order to force people to use the Xbox service. This means there's no way to be notified when friends log in or to easily find them unless they are added to your xbox friends list.

  • Personal Quarters Crafting should have been available to us as it was an episode 2 mechanic, even though its most likely coming later one has to wonder if NA devs planned to remove it permanently until they realized how fundamentally necessary it was and backtracked on that idea.

  • All the flavor text for weapons and armor and most items have been completely removed.

  • Some weapons and armor units have had their details and partical effects lowered or flat out removed. Making them look less unique and flashy.

  • They have placed a restriction on the character height for the character creator and the auxiliary creator, meaning you can't make characters below or above a certain height like you can on JP. This has effectively prevented many players from importing their JP character bases. Its a very noticeable restriction as well.

  • There are several items missing from the cash shop, one big noticeable one being the skill tree reset.

I mean the list goes on I could spend all day sitting here listing whats been changed and whats been removed but if you just spend a day on the JP server you will easily notice the difference. To some, the removal of certain systems and changes will be fine to you. Super, more power to you, enjoy NA to its fullest extent and all it has to offer I say, for me and for others who don't want forced restrictions, and want to experience everything the game has to offer, then JP is the answer.

Its all down to personal preference.

I think NA is also lacking voice tickets right now but don't quote me on it cause im not too sure XD

I play on both PSO2 JP & NA. Also I had no problem importing my characters from the JP to NA server.


;_; thank you, i completely forgot about the lazy translations which stings alot.

i really do hope they'll fix it, along with the other things you listed

@SleeprunnerInc That comment was towards the OP btw. Probably should have quoted the OP when I mentioned 'post' since I didn't say thread lmao.

If you really quit this game when you're like at the shortest is what? 4'6? Then yikes. I don't think Miliums height was ever mentioned but I think you can pull her height off easily.

EDIT: Found Altina's (Altina > Milium btw) and she is 146cm but with how short loads of people look it should work out.

I'm also here to complain about the height slider. Pls give me my cosplay character back. alt text

how about we leave the height stuff to a thread that requires it like good grief or anything else not relating to this thread or is my post gonna fall on deaf ears.

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how about we leave the height stuff to a thread that requires it like good grief or anything else not relating to this thread or is my post gonna fall on deaf ears.

i mean the height differences is related to the thread if we're discussing differences between NA and JP content

@AzureCrownMalfest requires it? Also probably option B. Zizal had a really nice post about all the removed and changed things that were bad tho. The other altered thing I was upset with tho is moving Badge Shop person and making the Recycle guy all lonely. 😞

@Alineah fair enough I suppose

@Zizel so who needs premium when the game is free to play

@TURION-MOONSTAR Nobody. That's the point of it being optional for QoL. You can get and do basically everything f2p except like freeze your lobby actions I guess.

This thread... certain parts; hard to take seriously, which seem sad cause many look like concerns that should be addressed and continued to be brought up till fixed.

Not the part where whoever, completely unimportant openly and proudly claimed; "That any and everyone who is short, short and youthful, liking short / short and youthful, designing short / short and youthful, watched shows or know / related to short / short and youthful are equal to Albert Fish." Just to get attention.