so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?

I think there is a lot of people that think loli characters are cute without having some sort of sexual attraction to them 😮

@Abloo Indeed.

hilariously Pulp decided to send me a Private message calling me a whiteknight lolicon defender.

Hilariously they themselves were calling people Lolicon's while deliberately pointing towards the pedophilic side of it.

Kinda hilarious don't ya think?

@SleeprunnerInc Ah thats pretty unfortunate 😦 I had kinda hoped things would stay civil on these forums but some people don't wanna keep it that way I guess

@SleeprunnerInc Yeah, I guess that could happen as well. I haven't seen any specific post deletion myself, just entire threads, but I suppose GMs could have the tools to just pick this and that and leave the rest.

Undecided depends if the game gets fixed though I suppose that will determine if the game flat out fails. I did get the bat I always wanted however my character isn't giving off the same vibe at all due to height restrictions. This game has twins for instance just look at the Falz and my partner unit was designed and built up to be my other characters half. The differences in height weren't as noticeable as one would think as one was the shortest possible and the other was the largest possible however the gap is much greater in NA. If they don't want to add back in a smaller size then auxileries should have their max size cap removed to compensate.

@Abloo @ZorokiHanuke There's a Friendcode thread that had multiple posts deleted.

Far as I know you cannot delete your own post since I tried it once before.

So the only way is if a GM removes them.

And some people just cannot be polite and civil when it comes to these things when their opinion is so tightly woven.

I already anticipate a GM sending me a warning for what happened here but hey thems the cakes.

Besides hilariously enough them outing themselves this hard and having their ship ID and character ID on their profile easily gives bad PR to that guild and the player themselves.

Congratulations for people who are friends with them.

EDIT: I also doubt that they are 30 years old as they claim on their profile.

These posts by said person don't speak for them being 30.

I guess it's far too common that loli stuff is sexualised especially in japanese media, as with all things it has to be seen in context. Throwing myself into the line of fire, one character i did enjoy was renge, because of the way her jokes were written.

Topic is seen as black or white, you can't stay neutral on this because people will end up just calling you a pedo too, which makes it especially hard to even have a conversation on that topic. The extreme offender of this policy are arguing they do it for the "protection of the children", but i argue it might end up worse if nobody is talking about it.

However i'd wager this isn't the place for this kind of stuff. In terms of PSO2, due to it being a character creator and a rather elaborate one at that, it's very huge grey area where you can make a wide variety of more or less acceptable character designs.

It's definitely a difficult topic.

@Macmaxi I think it's not that big of a deal.

The most defence against of removing the censor and against Loli's comes from America and their obscure laws which revolve around even punishing THOUGHT crimes.

While in Japan, the Loli's that are sexualized are only drawn as small characters but are of the legal age which differens from country to country.

For instance in Finland where I live, loli's fall under the Legal age rule and thus are legal if consent is given.

For art surrounding it?

Long as it's private and not in the publics sight, it's allowed.

However if the character is drawn as a loli and the characters age is under the allowed age, then they can be punished by law so you have to make sure the character is a LEGAL age.

As for Loli's in general, they are just youthful child/childlike characters in games, videos, etc.

There is nothing wrong with liking loli's and so on long as it stays under legal terms.

For making a character super short? We got super short people IRL, are they illegal too? Should we censor them?

And there is no law regarding the height and character creation OF a short person, only of a certain Age.

And everyone knows, Height=/=age.

@SleeprunnerInc said in so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?:

@Abloo Indeed.

hilariously Pulp decided to send me a Private message calling me a whiteknight lolicon defender.

Hilariously they themselves were calling people Lolicon's while deliberately pointing towards the pedophilic side of it.

Kinda hilarious don't ya think?

There is a block and report button for harassment through DMs. I am not even sure why talk about loli became an escalating subject in this thread when the OP was just speaking out their mind that they wanted to create small character, and didn't specify girl or boy, nor did they specify anything further about what they were going to do with small character. It's kind of quick to judge.

People can technically play as small characters in NA. using that Afin child outfit, but obviously it's not justifying enough to really call it small since it has limitations on how you want to decorate them.

@LapisWave I don't generally block the people unless they give a very good reason for it.

I'd rather be able to see their messages etc for further documentation and proof.

But I do use the report function often when given enough reason.

The Loli thing became teh subject when Pulp jumped in and stated: Lolicon's are not people.

And called people disgusting too.

So yeah they kinda derailed the topic.

we don't even have the damn skill reset pass in the AC shop and you guys are arguing about loli ? smh

@WillfulChart930 when u put it like that yes.

@Pulptenks said in so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?:

@Alineah Doesn't matter it's a fan service game.

that's like literally all mmos most of which arent even porn games.

A lot of jp players did not like American players early on. Some still do not. One reason can be seen from how people STILL run uqs. just wacking away with not strat and getting downed hit after hit. A lot on the jp servers like runs without any issues unless it was profound cause that guy hit like a bus. There are many things on both sides that get each other riled over. such as over here you still have people on about height and costumes and clip art while in japan none of those things cause issues. while in jp they expect you to know how to run something. if you dont you can get kicked a lot.

If I wanted to play the JP servers, I would have done it in the last 8 years. I'll be playing on NA and if the servers close for any reason, I'll most likely just move on to another game.