so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?

@Pulptenks noun countable, anime An individual fixated on young, generally prepubescent, girls.

A lolicon is not always a pedo but is generalized in to that category.

Be careful what you are yelling out mate.

@SleeprunnerInc no stop your gonna make him keep spitting out mumbo jumbo theres no changing his mind.

@AzureCrownMalfest Nah I'll let him or her or whatever the heck they are keep spilling mumbo jumbo as they please.

Hilariously enough if we dig in to this deep enough, there was no LAW that required Sega or microsoft to censor the height nor anythign to that extenct.

Because being short or playing a short character or young character in an action game featuring no actual sex is not against the law in any country.

If an individual has sick thoughts, he cannot be prosecuted under the court of law for THOUGHT crimes.

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@Pulptenks I'm not the one trying to call everyone a lolicon for simply wanting to play a short character.

Who are you to deny me of my plans to play as the smallest CAST alive with the name 2% Goblin?

Honestly if you were mature, you would not be yelling stupid and wild accusations around while generalizing everyone in to a lolicon who simply want to play as the same short heigh as is allowed in the original product and predecessors of said product.

@SleeprunnerInc I seriously believe ya'll are being played for the old lulz. It's one of the reasons I refrained from continuing when tagged, as I quickly noted a serious constructive debate couldn't be had. PLUS, this topic could be discussed (if a decent level of actual discussion can be reached) in a new thread of it's own.

But that's just me and my boomer thinking...

@ZorokiHanuke Nah you are completely right.

However I feel it's better for someone to take the hit and drag the troll out instead of all of you.

So I'm really doing a favor for you all for dragging them on.

With the way they have been posting, I am not surprised if they would get a forum ban or even an ingame warning for the way they speak.

Imagine how they speak ingame when they see someone playing a SHORT character if this infuriates them OR god forbid someone dating a short person IRL.

@SleeprunnerInc I suppose. Just, let's try not to get the thread so polluted that the next passing GM ends up deleting it...

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@Pulptenks Oh really?

How about when you started calling someone a Lolicon and before that said Lolicons are not people.

So you called this other person a Lolicon and to you they are not people so you wana explain that Pulp or are you a hypocrite?

@ZorokiHanuke Unfortunately a GM has 2 options.

Delete posts and give out warnings OR remove the entire thread when it has served it's course.

Seeing a person like Pulptenks come in and yell stupid stuff?

Warrant's number 1.

Me coming in and responding to this Warrants number 2.

We are already in the territory of the passing GM either removing our comments and giving us warnings which I already accept.

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@Pulptenks So your proof is that they used a GIF of a loli character...

You do know you can like Loli characters without being a lolicon right?

And you can definately be a Lolicon without sexualizing characters or having a sexual fetish towards them right?

Have you even read the definition for it right?

Maybe if you stopped being a hypocrite you would notice things.

@SleeprunnerInc said in so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?:

You do know you can like Loli characters without being a lolicon right?

No, you can't.

@Pulptenks Yes you definately can.

Geez bud.