so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?

I suppose if people have already settled in JP server, the NA version would be more of a thing to see and leave, as starting over may be a bit more difficult. This happened to me when I tried Tera EU after playing on NA and having most of my stuff on NA for that game. Starting over would have been rough, so I just played a bit and left. Then again, I left that game for good after it became way too toxic and elitist.

Now, not sure if I'll eventually venture to at least see how the JP version of this game looks, even if as a brief visitor.

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@Zizel Yeah, do ask, please. After all these years, I'm actually curious about that.

Can confirm pretty much what HarmlessSyan said. There was a bit of an outcry but nothing in game and nothing to big according to some of my JP players.

Anyway, the NA server has made alot of changes and most of them have not been for the best interest for the players or the server itself. Now that the games been out I think people are starting to see these changes and migrating to the JP server as a result. Everyone thats gone to the JP server ahead of me has told me the difference is astonishing and not just from content. Yeah the JP server has more content but it also has more freedom, more details. It really does give you the PSO2 experience. The NA server might not look like it but its been picked apart, core systems have been removed and changed and altered for the worst and now that people are starting to see that we might be witnessing a bit of a crumble.

I am fine waiting for new content to be added, introducing 8 years of content in a lunch could be bad so i understand their reasoning to do so, thats not my issue, my issue has always been the devs made questionable and downright awful changes to a lot of things to the point where its not even recognizable on the JP server anymore. I didn't wait 8 years to get a watered down, changed and altered full of restrictions PSO2 experience, I want the true experience and the if the NA devs are unwilling to give me that experience, well, its a good thing I got a JP server with a translation patch ready to go.

@Zizel I see. That's a fair reason to switch. Now, I do wonder if these changes you mention were just made intentionally to re-add them as "new shiny stuff" later on as the game gets updated. Or if some of these changes were made to stay. Guess only time will tell on this one.

Oh, and thanks for asking around.

Also for anyone having issues with the game uninstalling itself and you really don't wanna deal with it anymore I do suggest giving the JP server a try, at least until all the bugs are smoothed out. PSO2 is a really fun game so I feel bad seeing so many drop it out of installation frustrations 😃

As a players who came from the JP version to NA, I am more than boggled at the devs basically locking all the content but giving us bits and pieces of content we should NOT have access to if we go by episodes.

Honestly introducing everything JP has at once might not have been a bad deal to do.

For one, we would have a ton of stuff to do ingame and even if it feels overwhelming, we could take our time and enjoy doing it while the devs work on fixing and translating things.

Cause I see the current state of the game, translations, censors etc affecting the later content to the point where it's gona get much worse and possibly never come back to normal.

And I play on the NA servers purely cause I forgot my JP account and password lol.

Need crafting badly, EP2 content

I don't even mind if they keep them untradeable as JP only made them tradeable this past year


Yeah the JP server has more content but it also has more freedom, more details. It really does give you the PSO2 experience

The JP servers suck, the actually Japanese playerbase also suck there. Even worse is actually living through EP5 release and similar massive blunders. The playerbase is mostly composed of people who don't really dig the idea of actually playing the game so content often has to be balanced with the idea of "epic" bosses dying in 5 minutes tops in a pug MPA of not really skilled players. The director hot seat game we have every episode gave us the idea of trying to just push all classes outside of successor ones into irrelevance because skill trees and subclasss system is bad as people pick the wrong choices.

At least in NA there is still some old content to relive without having ever to remember EP5 balance was a thing. Maybe playerbase will turn out to be better too.

@SleeprunnerInc it might not sound like a bad idea to you... but it does in terms if being able to market the game to people who havent kept up with the game since its original 2013 English announcement... plus theres very little reason to play much of the older content as a result. Your reasoning makes sense if SEGA were aiming to get English players off of JP... not so much when they have to introduce the game to a new audience. To quote the community team:

Well, we intend to keep this promise while also making sure series veterans and newcomers alike get to experience the story unfolding with each new episode release as it was originally intended.

I have played JP for many years and im not too bothered by many of the changes. If the game feels watered down, we have a content roadmap now showcasing when we can expect future features to be made available; Episode 4's release brings back Bonus Quests, Crafting, Battle Mode, etc. And Episode 5's update during an unannounced Quarter 3 date brings Successor Classes (or as NA calls em; Scion Classes)... its all really down to patience. If you cant wait well... no one says you have to stick around through things, if you want everything JP has now... then theres JP, but this is the NA version being marketed at a new audience who very few know whats been going on in JP for the past eight years...

I've moved back to JP, nothing against NA. Just for some unknown reason my controls do not work in that game. They were recently then they stopped again. Rip season 4 battlepass. lol I really should stop spending sg on that until I can go a month without problems. Until I figure my issues out, I'll be back on JP. I'd like to be more involved in NA as I want to see the reactions to the UQ's and bosses that'd come around in later episodes and see how it grows, but luck doesn't favor me right now.

As for JP players I think most of the ones that hate NA players being there are on other ships. I remember times of such rumors going around, I don't think it was in ship 2, if it was I didn't see or notice any hostility during the days the JP players were taking care of me in the vita blocks back during ep 3 - 4 days of pso2. I pretty much lived there and used various lobby actions to interact with them. There used to be a few that'd actively watch over me back then. I don't doubt there are some that'd blacklist and do whatever it takes to make an english suffer on there. But I haven't seen them and still haven't as of now.

I'm fine with playing on the NA version. As well as supporting it so SEGA JP can

  1. Get my money legit without me having to go through paypal/etc. (nor use google translate and having to draw captcha kanji.)

  2. Support localization (no matter how bad or good it is.)

  3. Seeing how SEGA JP invokes limits on an NA game, especially an RPG, which they haven't made a new one since... err... Sakura Wars, in 2019? (Which previously was made by Red.) Before that it was Valkyria Chronicles 4, and before that it was... well, this game. (Previously preceeded by Valkyria Chronicles 3 in Japan, which was co-developed by Media Vision anyway.) Yeah, SEGA doesn't make many RPG video games. So... support a SEGA-made RPG.

I'll generally be staying on NA. I just don't have it in me to start on JP to begin with. I will admit though it feels weird seeing things like the various rocks from ultimate quests have no useful uses to them for now. It does sound like there's a lot of small features that need to be looked at and pulled over to the NA such as the heights for characters to match up though. It's still fun though, but as long as there's a healthy playerbase i'll be interested otherwise I just wouldn't play at all.

@ZorokiHanuke I wouldn't be surprised, from what I remember of Ship 2 in the JP version a lot of us were pretty annoying. On top of that there was a group of players moved essential NPCs out of reach. As a result of that "prank" SEGA added in Article 2 Section 8 which basically state you have to be in Japan to play the game (though they didn't really enforce it).

So if they do hate us, it might not be unjustified.

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