so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?


Why are you still here if you don't give a rat's ass about PSO2 NA. Go to JP server already. Don't let the door hit you on the way out lol.

@Rosie said in so.. are you guys realy playing on NA server?:


Why are you still here if you don't give a rat's ass about PSO2 NA. Go to JP server already. Don't let the door hit you on the way out lol.

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@Rosie dude did u even care to read read the post he just made like come on.........

@ZorokiHanuke To kind of answer your musing on urgent quests: VH tends to end up being better exp/time than SH on quite a few of them and then XH takes a large number of 70+ players away from the SH pool since XH is generally far better for loot. It does leave SH in an odd position.

@TsundereMuse Then hopefully some metrics can help the devs fix this issue, which I'd call a progression issue. I mean, if SH is not as effective as a time/exp grind, and also not as effective as a loot dropper, wouldn't we then need to change something on it to make it more desirable for those who are at that point in their leveling where VH is too easy to run but are still too far from XH? I say this because I feel I'm pretty much at or near this point myself. On my main, I don't really get much fun from most VH content. Yes, some bosses may still be interesting, but nothing is challenging at that difficulty anymore, even with my total crap random 10 star off the player shop units. SH is where it's at for me right now with my level/gear. I'm not 70 yet (62 on main and 47 sub atm) and I'm sure even after reaching 70+, without good gear and vast knowledge of the game's mechanics, I wouldn't be a good candidate for XH just yet. So yeah, I'm starting to feel alone on SH...

As a Jp player since closed beta. For now, I have more fun on NA because I have stuff to do. In jp, I just log on do my DO and if their is a Urgence quest I need to do, I'll do it, if not I close the game.

@ZorokiHanuke Well, fixing the mob HP in SH would be a big step as I've been seeing in a lot of threads that the HP in SH is higher than XH.

But overally, a chunk of it is the players themselves. Everytime I've tried to go into a SH, I'm met with people who are undergeared and who apparently want to start a romantic relationship with the ground. After 2 people go through all of their Moon Atomizers on the same person, it starts to wear thin. Not everybody cares about challenge with their leveling, some of us just want it over with so we're prepared for the upcoming raid content.

@ZorokiHanuke I think it's because when people reach the point to be able to run Advanced quests, they use VH parties to speed level to 75 from 40.

It takes about 40 runs average to reach 75 if you don't get a single burst every time.

And if yer lucky, its only 20-30 runs if you get good bursts. (Saw a level 40 guy go to 50 in one run of AQVH Floating facility.)

@Lorient If SH has stronger enemies than XH, that'd be a good reason to switch indeed. Another thing. Lately, I've been returning to ship if I slip up and kiss the floor on urgents. I'm hardly gamer material by now so yeah, I die once or twice here and there. Other than PB dropping to zero and the rare possibility that a boss dies while I'm up there and I miss the exp and the cool pose for the pic. Any other penalties that make getting revived on site more of a need?

@SleeprunnerInc I just need to get me the formula to get me more of those tasty cross burst things, but I fear those only happen correctly with human players. I'm too socially inept to even ask for a rando run... But yeah, I'll level up eventually.

@ZorokiHanuke You can check if there are parties doing it through the quest terminal.

Just make sure you have your Mag ability so you can link wtih the others, have a ton of Advance capsule A's and use Triboosts.

Stick near the people and have auto pickup enabled.

The cross burst is super easy to get with humans and you get more enemies than with NPC's so when things happen, just stick to one corner of the burst area and try to kill everything fast.

No need to talk either 😄

@SleeprunnerInc Yeah. I have managed some cross bursts while playing with only NPCs. My very first one was a 4 minute burst that for some reason got restarted when I switched areas. But not many enemies showed up, like how it does with human players in those multi mission UQs, like the one in the "floor is lava" stage that can give over 300 badges. Now that's satisfying.

@ZorokiHanuke Ye the reason is because NPC's don't count towards enemy spawns, the more people there are, the more enemies get released to balance out the difficulty, which means its more worth having human players than NPC compatriots.

Plus if doing AQVH farm, you will need 4 times the capsules if you do it with NPC's than with humans.

@SleeprunnerInc The advance quests with NPCs I have done have only asked me the amount of capsules for a single player. And I always select "pay for everyone" when entering. I suppose that's how it balances out the fact that NPCs have some noticeable limitations, like the lack of enemy spawn rates and the fact they won't pop moon atomizers on you if you get flattened.

@ZorokiHanuke I ment more that you need to run it more often, thus needing to use more capsules to mitigate the negatives that the NPC's bring.

@SleeprunnerInc Yeah, that would be true. I'm not running then more than a casual player would do them, though. Mostly as a new player testing new content. I'm actually holding up on using resources other than SG and Meseta, for when I fully learn how and when to use them..