[Ship 1] Nemesis Shooter and Slave Shooter (185 R-ATK on each), Nemesis Sage (170 T-ATK), saiki armor pieces (ranged), Brissa Set (you choose)

In shops:

Nemesis Shooter +35 (185 R-ATK) for 155mil.

Slave Shooter +35 (185 R-ATK) for 170mil.

Nemesis Sage is in shops for 85mil.

Saiki Back Piece - 14 mil (95 R-ATK) SOLD!

Saiki Leg Piece - 9 mil (105 R-ATK)

Got a brissa set +10 that is currently unaffixed. Taking requests until I get around to messing with it.

@almightysundaas ever get any offers for the weapons? I am on a different ship but curious if you were able to sell.


Nope. I was the lowest when I posted this, but I've gotten undercut on both rifles since then when I checked last night. Since they don't show up in the market very frequently, I'm not going to get into a undercut war right now. Especially since the boost is almost over and I won't have to worry about new ones popping up on the market.

I'm thinking I could sell it quicker for 120-140mil now though. I've seen people post similar rifles at this price and they are gone the next day. I want to try my luck after the boost though.