Is account bound actually account bound or shipped bound?

What I mean is when you buy the premium set for example, if you have a character on ship 1 and then also make one on ship 2, will the ship 2 characters have premium as well or only the ship 1 that you bought it on? My question also applies to the emotes.

Does anyone know?

What if anything is cross ship and truly account bound or if that actually means "ship bound"

In general, account bound means account bound. Premium status is active on all Ships, your emotes are accessible on all characters no matter what ship they are on, fashion tickets that have been used twice are available for all applicable characters, Titles and their progress is shared on all Ships, etc.

As AndrlCh said, if they say account bound, that's account bound. Some examples of ship bound data include personal quarter info (furnishings placed, reform pass used or music disks registered) and alliance info.

The Using AC page of the manual makes the coverage of premium pretty clear:

These benefits are enabled for all ships on the same account.

Thank you every one for the answers ❤

You're welcome!

The more tricky thing is knowing which things are account bound and which are ship bound. For instance AC, SG, FUN and emotes are account bound, while Casino coins and music disks used (at least I don't think they're character) are ship bound. The game isn't always clear about these so it may be easiest to experiment with something cheap.

Story Quests are also account-bound. Because they award SG. Titles are also account bound for the same reason. (Though it may have something to do with why our 2x Level 75 title was acting up before last maintenance.)

ARKS Missions, by contrast, are Character-bound, but this also means any ARKS Missions related to titles and story quests are automatically "Complete," and can be re-redeemed on new characters a second time. (The MAG Food devices and Excube rewards from certain level milestones are also given per character, which means it's good to have alts.)