[Ship 3] Sparkle Alliance | Beginner-friendly, Roleplay, PSO/PSU vets, and fashion endgame lovers!

Thanks for looking! Sparkle is currently 10-ish strong group of friends who have been playing games together online and offline for years and we'd love to have you on our adventures! The majority of us are daily players and veteran players of the various PSO/PSU spinoffs.

We jokingly call ourselves a hardcore fashion progression alliance, but we're actually:

  • Beginner-friendly semi-casual.
  • Large PST core group, but many of us play at different times!
  • LGBTQ, social, endgame, and roleplaying friendly!

👑 Leader: Pearl

Officers: Coconuts, Chemii

Our website can be found at https://ryne.nu/sparkle/

To join, feel free to join us at Discord and ask, send us a request to join via your Visiphone ingame, or shoot a message to one of us.

  • If this is your first alliance, after being scouted make sure you go back to your community menu and check the Alliance Commands menu in order to accept our invitation and be added to the alliance.

  • You won't be able to receive our invitation if you already have 5 other outstanding "scouts" from other alliances, so please make your decision before contacting us! Thanks!


  • Daily players
  • Rank 5 Alliance
  • Alliance Shop
  • EXP Buff Level 4
  • Alliance quarters base change every month

alt text Grouping up to run VHAQs together in style.

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