Sad face :(

One day I'm in the salon changing the size of my back wings then all the sudden it logs me out, and I haven't been able to play since. I thought I was getting hacked, so In a panic I called my ex to see what she was doing... I then went her house house just to log in on her xbox to see if I could log in and play, and I still could. After deleting my account and having a lengthy discussion about "how I love the Xbox more than her" I went back to my place to see what was wrong... I deleted the game and proceeded to downloaded it twice. Once through the Microsoft market, and once through the tweaker app. (And yes, I moved my files to different folders and selected the correct bin.) Started in admin mode and it's still not starting... Should I give up until the problem gets fixed?

@DDDDLife I was about to say "i wish there was a way to save posts" because I'm gonna reference these for helping others, but it turns out you can bookmark comments! Also can attest to the love thing. Unless that's you're odd way of trying to break up without breaking up? Though in this case it seems like they're your ex so I could see using "I love xbox more than u" as an effective, if not kind of shitty, way to get the point across.

Be sure to let us know if you have any luck getting back in!

@DDDDLife those were her words not mine. 😅

@Pepper_PSO I see. That's rough and honestly I've had the same thing said to me.