Friend referral code Ship 01

If anyone wants to use my Referral code they can, The code is 10013098 Ship 01: Feoh

REWARDS FOR THE INVITER After inviting your friends, once they reach certain levels in a Class for the first time, you’ll receive an ARKS BADGE: BLUE! Of course, this only applies to the first character that your friends create and the first class that reaches the specified levels. These badges can be exchanged for items such as weapons, accessories, and Boosters at the Badge Exchange Shop in the Shopping Plaza.

REWARDS FOR THE INVITEE You aren’t the only one who receives rewards! Those you invite will receive ARKS BADGE: WHITE when speaking to ARKS Mission Officer Astarte in the Gate Area for the first time. They simply need to ask her about their “invitation reward,” which is an option only those who were invited can see. The invited operative will unlock the ability to purchase rewards with these badges once they achieve certain Class levels for the first time. These badges can be exchanged by selecting “Invitation Reward” when speaking with ARKS Mission Officer Astarte in the Gate Area.

More information here Refer a Friend


Yes this is all over Reddit already and Twitter and people still try. I'm sure people will ask their own friends. This type of advertisement is just as good as useless.