Region: NA

Alliance Name: One Layer Pancake

Ship 1 Time Zone EST or PST:

Mostly US and Canadian Players

We are basically welcoming all players and are open to helping new players. Our current goal is to get a consistent number of players so that anyone can find a group when they want. Our long term goal is to teach players how to play so they can become veterans and participate in the harder content both current and upcoming. Current Active players consist of mostly 28-35 year olds working from home due to COVID. Uses Discord as our primary form of communication. Most of us are level 75, so we probably won't be leveling with you, but we are very knowledgeable about the game and the GM has played the JP version for 6 years. If interested, please join: and message plasmabolt13 or android17. If android17, tell him Tay sent you from the PSO2 forums.