So, I recently watched a video that explained briefly about stances. I was wanting to confirm something to make sure that I am going to build it right. In the video, it states that stances from main and sub stack, only the first ones on the left. Is that correct? If it isn't correct, how do you switch between stances. Thanks for the help, just wanting to make sure that my building paths and things are as efficient as possible.

Stances from different classes will be active at the same time, and it can be in any combination of their Stances. Taking Bo/Fi as an example, you can have Elemental+Valiant, Elemental+Wise, Break+Valiant, or Break+Wise, switching among them as needed by activating/deactivating Break and Wise from the subpallete.

@AndrlCh That is awesome. Makes my build I am working on right now OP as hell. Thanks for the info, I very much appreciate the response.