losing characters

@Smokeymage12 Well, at least there's that. Was that your only character? Or have you made others on that Ship? If so, and you still have them, I'd check your storage, to see if you still have anything there.

@Anarchy-Marine well this happened to my only char. so i made a replacement char, and alt. on ship one

@Smokeymage12 You can check Login History and also when in the character selection screen there is a "Where is my Character?" option to see a list of ships and number of characters on them. Also at the title screen you can make sure of which microsoft/xbox account you are logged in to as well.

@Smokeymage12 Ah, ok. Well. I'm sorry that happened to you. I'd enable two factor authentication onto your Xbox account if you haven't already. Add your phone number as the place to get security codes for each login. Should help keep unwanted users off your account, even if they break the password.

@TsundereMuse did that, it went from 1 char to 0

@Anarchy-Marine sounds good ill try to add that sec measure ty

@Smokeymage12 Ignore this. I misread your previous post. I didn't see that you were replying to the other person.

SEGA needs to implement one of the few good features from Fallout 76 which is data backups of all player characters, that is updated every maintenance. Would save players a headache, and would make it easier for customer support to remedy these types of issues.

Okay, I come back to PSO2 to see that its PSO2 NGS. From what I remember from the old game was that I was on the UR ship and at a mid level range. I'm on Steam using Steam's version of 2FA and I can't find my character from the old PSO2

@joegibson0 if you played PSO2 on the windows store or xbox, unless you generate an account linking code on xbox/windows version then input it on your first steam log in, you are forever not able to link your old account.