losing characters

anyone this problem, 1 night you level up your guy to a good level, with 500k mesta, the next night GONE, WTH!!

@Smokeymage12 did you log in to the wrong ship?

And this should be in the Bugs section.

Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please submit us a ticket about this, our support team is more than happy to assist you. Link: https://pso2.com/support#contact-us

@GM-Bleed i have, but you guys basicly told sorry life sucks

@Smokeymage12 I question the legitimacy of this post now. No support team would say that, unless someone deleted your character. Did you give your Xbox account information to anyone?

I assume support may be able to access the account and tell if the character was deleted, if it's in another ship, or at least what was the last time the character was accessed.

@ZorokiHanuke One would hope so. I mean, I ran into some people that didn't know characters are ship locked, tried to play with friends on a different ship, and got upset when they couldn't find their character. Not saying thats happening here, but this game is a bit different from what some are used to. BDO for instance allows characters to server hop. I personally found it weird that support would simply tell them life sucks, instead of trying to resolve the issue. Just didn't add up to me.

@Anarchy-Marine I assume they didn't say that in such a literal way. The usual canned response would be along the lines of "We have done all we could on our end but we couldn't find a solution to your problem. We are sorry."

YET, I also don't think they would respond that way either IF they have tools to register player activity.

I would also say if you have two xbox live accounts see which account was logged into the game when you lasted played your character and what account your logged into now. Because I've seen a few cases on reddit were people thought their characters were deleted or missing but really they were logged into the wrong account.

@Anarchy-Marine lol i wasnt thoes exact words mind you. but in thier exact words were sorry there is nothing that can br done, once gone, there gone.

@ZorokiHanuke well they told me they have no way of tracking who deleted, time and any other activity.

@Smokeymage12 and this is on ship 1

@Smokeymage12 said in losing characters:

@ZorokiHanuke well they told me they have no way of tracking who deleted, time and any other activity.

This may or may not be of much help but have you checked your logs before logging in as your character? You can do this by selecting login history after picking your ship before selecting your character it'll give you a list of IP's as well as date and time stamps so it would at least tell you if someone else has logged into your account and if that's the case I would advice changing your password

Yikers. /10charorsomething.

@TheMCPanda that is an idea, and yes i have changed password. ty