Launcher don't open

I was playing normaly the game finale without any problem to open for at least one week or more, but now, today, I couldn't even open the launcher, I tried to do everything to make it open, I tried to use the Tweaker and nothing. The only thing I haven't done yet was reinstall the game.

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EDIT: As I said on the reply I forgot to update what happened. I had restarted my PC a thousand of times and nothing had changed, but the next day I tried to open the game and it worked just fine, and from what I remember on that day was that it had no updates, no hotfix, nothing to fix the problem, it just worked. Even seen the News in the site there was nothing about update (day 20 jun), hotfix or whatever about it, you guys can check and tell me if I missed something.

It is just weird, literally it makes no sense, some times the game works, some times doesn't, others times the laucher doesn't open, and doesn't matter what i do is just too random!!

Not that I have a solution I just want to let you know the same thing happened to me today. After working fine since PC release this morning it just just wont launch.

If your tweaker times out after you hit start game and gives you the timeout message, I had this happen to me as well.

To fix it, I basically had to change the folder that tweaker installs to and install a new instance of the game in a new folder. Then there is a Powershell script on Reddit that you can run that changes the MS Store associations from the original install to the new one, after which you can delete the old install files. This fixed my issues.

I have the same issue except i dont have tweaker. I press it, tried running as admin, even tried opening it from micro soft store, does literally nothing.

From what I've gathered, it seems to be a problem with the MS Store keeping certain game files from being overwritten which prevents patching. The game won't launch unless its patched, but the game can't patch because its in use by MS. I have yet to figure out how to fix this without the Tweaker to create a new install as none of the uninstall buttons for this game were working.

im having the same problem too

Unfortunately Sega hasn't given us much of an update on this, I've done it once, and have reason to believe Windows doing updates might be what triggers the store to do it and.... great MS wants to do another update... Not sure how many times I'll do this...

You guys (not sure about ones using the separate tweaker install) are just more victims of Microsoft's store deciding it's going to play with the game's files and botch them. The only solution I've found so far is a full reinstallation, which unfortunately will also leave a huge amount of data stuck in a secured backup directory Microsoft uses that requires special permissions to remove and recover your disk space from (Actually, this will occur to anyone trying to uninstall the game at any time) The uninstall bug was a bad one but this need to reinstall is a bad extension to an already bad problem.

If you have the space to spare for now, telling Windows to uninstall and reinstall should do the trick, don't bother with the Windows repair on the install though, ~80% or so of the game files were from PSO's patcher, not the store, repairing is just an effort in futility. Freeing that disk space up that Microsoft holds hostage though is more complicated, you can find other posts about that.

you can use arks layer launcher. it will not bug around.

I'm having the same problem tried to open the game, run admin. trying to repair but it seems to be stuck on a loop for the past hour. My game won't open and really I'm unhappy about this granted I'm not the only one with this problem. To note when i say nothing happens I mean nothing no error code it doesn't open it just does nothing.

I had this happen to me today. I fixed it by going onto the advance options of PSO2 in the Apps & features part of settings, there you can reset the game where it should uninstall and reinstall itself. Not sure if it’s a proper fix but the launcher started working for me after I did that.

Same problem here... I've been playing since Windows launch with no issues, but the last few days the game/launcher has been totally unresponsive and won't even launch.

I uninstalled it (took forever) then re downloaded and it's working now.

Same thing happened to me, checked the install location, and Microsoft Store deleted it... I thought that was fixed and only affected game installs on a second hard drive, I guess not. There was a Windows Update yesterday, though, so perhaps that somehow initiated the, "nuke PSO2 install" protocol >.> time to redownload...

Ok, i forgot to update what happened. It is just weird, literally it makes no sense, some times the game works, some times don't, others times the laucher doesn't open, and doesn't matter what i do is just too random!!

same thing happen to me. i cant open it