Makeing uk and American servers togather

This is my question to make sure they don’t follow a road where servers are separated or this could be a disaster waiting to happen if anyone got any knowledge in this because used play psu and Pso on Dreamcast

For the time being there is no information on EU servers. But I doubt they would be seperate servers from NA. This release is focused towards english speaking western players. So when EU does (If they) get servers they will only be there for better connection to PSO2.

Mostly most part it the United Kingdom law about loot boxes big major concern here

You must be refering to Scratch Tickets. I guess they are considered gambling. It's pretty much playing the lottery. Pay money and hope to get something good.

Just so you are aware, NA is the only confirmed region for this time, but it has no region block if you didn't know.

Well damn that sound like good news then I hope they don’t change it cuse last time they did psu beta on Xbox it was awkward to join in

@Novajone-Prime I don't know why they would change it. I played with people from all over during CBT. An Itallian couple I played with had no latency issues while we were playing.

Ping affects a few things (such as menu load times, damage registration, etc.), but unless you're wanting to do things like time attack rankings, it doesn't really matter what your ping is as long as it's not ridiculously high (i.e. 500ms+).

For reference, my ping to the server (which is located in Washington) is 130ms which is alright.

The gambling mechanic will make PSO2 an 18 certificate in the UK / EU This is my pet peev with F2P games any shenanigans and I'll be emailing my buddy Peter ( Lord Chaddington) and the gambling comission itself with video / commentary of me opening a set amount of loot boxes / scratch card (w/ever)

I dropped Star Trek online in the doo doo by recording £700 worth of loot box openings and getting jack sh*t from it, I even made it onto Radio 4's you and yours programme.

This is one of the reasons why I will report any kids playing this game.

@Geordie-P Then don't buy AC Scratches if you are looking for anything good. The only things you get out of those are fashion items or room items. Otherwise you get participation type rewards, Being grinders for your gear. some 3 day pass's, and the like. If you buy them thinking you are going to get anything to help you out in game then don't bother with it.

@The-Question Well I hope it stays that way. But Im not 100% sure about player gatcha's can RMT buy meseta either directly or indirectly? This may be something to keep an eye on.... But hey if its an 18 certificate then theres nothing to see here.

@Geordie-P It's been that way on JP and hasn't changed so unless the NA devs want to pull an EA then we should be fine as well. Why buy meseta? You make easily make millions per day. 600k per character just from one guy at the café. Much better then trying to buy it with real money.

Edit: They are repeatable Client Orders.