im not sure if its bug? or like auto shop ban?

i did refresh shop trying to find some good deal to an item (i wont say wich to not ruin the market for some players that doing profit from it) but after like 1 houer after 1 houer the shop not working anymore i cant search anything or even check aguments price for items i pick up ... im not sure if its a bug or i got semi shop ban from the system for the refreshes... if its the case its redecules because i choose to do money from marketing this is my thing and im not suppose to be blocked because of that ... if refreshes can crash the server make your shops auto refreshing every few seconds automaticly its not my problem?!

and if its any kinda of bug im not sure what to do... i did reset to my pc and even try on alt.. all have the same problem (same account) this is video that showcase my problem

not sure what to do... past like almost 24houers and still not working..

Hi! Thank you for bringing this up. For issues like this please do not hesitate to submit a report to us via our support. Our support team is open 24/7 to assist you! 😊


@GM-Sohee thanks for your fast replay sohee... i already did but i dont want to wait 3-4 days for respownd from them i do most of my money from marketing and right now im falling bihind!!! drasticly this event is very good for buissness 🐶 and i cant improve or sell trash items because i dont know the corrent pricess.. so its a realy big mass and gamebraking .... basicly i cant do much with the game right now without shops....

can you pls help deliver this issue faster for faster solution?? that i can keep do my usual stuff? my user name is- Rqp im on Ship-3

thank you!

@oRqpo As much as I want to help but the only option we can do right now is to send a ticket to our support team for them to assist you further. Hoping for your understanding and patience. By the way, I hope you are doing good and healthy during this pandemic 😊

@GM-Sohee yes i do thank you hope you doing well too [=

Hey there. Have you fixed this problem yet? I was doing the same thing u did lol New AC scratch is out so I was trading lots of items and then my shop search just simply stopped working. Did I just pay 15 bucks for premium to get banned for trading? Noice.

UPD: 100% it's a ban. Search works just fine on my 2nd acc. Now I lose millions of meseta I could easily make today.