[Ship 1] Pink - Recruiting

Alliance name - Pink

Leader's Player ID - Seinji

Current "Active" Timezones: Usually online most of the day (not much to do in the real world during current times)


Hello. I recently formed an alliance called "Pink" with some friends that I've known since playing JP. Most of us have a few thousand hours on the Japanese version of the game and are playing NA as well. Currently we are trying to progress the team in regards to leveling the tree buffs. It is recently established, so most of the buffs are level 1, aside from the attack buff being level 2 (almost 3). Out of the 5 people in the team, 4 of us are fairly active, and are always looking to fill up a party for UQs. We hope to expand our alliance and have fun with other people who also enjoy PSO2 as much as we do.


Our main focus on NA is to progress the team tree as said before, but also playing the game in an efficient way. We appreciate people who like to affix their gear, grind their weapons, and learn how to truly play their class while also enjoying the game. Helping people learn is very fun, especially when you can see someone progress and make great strides. If you join our team, you could learn more about efficiently grinding, affixing, or anything class related that you may have questions about.

3 of the 5 players in the team have achieved the "Forever Loner" title on one or multiple classes on the JP version. We also have multiple Endless Rondo titles and the 140m party title for Memories. We can help people who are new to the game learn mechanics for their class, or people who have already been playing expand upon their current skill-set. That isn't to say that we can't be taught anything either. There is always room for improvement in this game, and that is what we focus on.

We're all extremely laid back individuals and would love for more people to be part of our currently small group. If you're interested, please either post in the thread, mail me ingame, add me on discord, or apply through the visiphone. Thank you.

My discord name is: christopher#6676