Need to know

I seen this guy in a lobby with a guitar that shoots flames I know its an emote but does someone know the name so I can get one ?

I believe it's 357: "Rock on!" from the Military Line AC scratch set which is available until July 7th. It can be bought from player shops but the last time I checked it was not cheap.

not that one

From your description it definitely is 357: "Rock on!", specifically the male version of it (the female version is jumping up and down and dancing/cheering).

If you are a female character, you can use the male version by holding down "X" or "Ctrl" when selecting it from your Emote list, or by using the chat commands "/mla crazy" or "/cla crazy".

@VAMPIR0-X it is that emote

@ZorokiHanuke yes:) its just male variant for flaming guitar:)

@Haltech-ECU Yeah, I just wanted OP to have a visual reference for it.