Question for bo/hu dual blades

Hey i was wondering about the stances and which one i should go for. Im only interested in using the dual swords so with that could j get some help figuring out which stance i should use or if someonr could help me build a skill tree based around using only dual swords. Thank you!

Only using Soaring Blades, you want to go Break Stance with Break Stance D Bonus. Here is how the multipliers break down:

  • Elemental Stance + Up matching element: 132%
  • Elemental Stance not matching element: 115%
  • Break Stance + Up on breakable part: 148.5%
  • Break Stance on non-breakable part: 100%
  • Break Stance + Break Stance D Bonus on non-breakable part: 131.5%

As you can see, (not counting the natural element matching bonus) Break Stance + BSDB will give you overall more consistency and higher potential damage, and it also means you only need one pair of Soaring Blades (preferably Light element) instead of needing to get a full rainbow set.

@AndrlCh question since I havent really used soaring blades yet, with break stance d do you get any kind ofl bonus vs normal non breakable enemies or does it just do its baseline damage?

@Scilin Break Stance D Bonus gives you 131.5% against any non-breakable enemy. It basically negates the penalty from Break Stance for attacking non-breakable parts.

element stance is for JB but it's trash now since NA doesn't have the JB element keep ring yet so soaring blade all the way