PSO2 will not open

Can't get the game to open, I have played it for weeks now, even went premium, and for some reason today I can't open the game. I click the launcher nothing happens. I can't open it from the store either. I also cannot uninstall it or check the files. I tried for the last 3 hours, jumping through a thousand window store hoops and got nothing. If I could uninstall and reinstall I would be annoyed but I could get over it. Wasting space on my hard-drive basically telling me to reinstall windows to fix this situation is insane and I shouldn't even be asked to deal with this just to play your game.

MS Store has hijacked the files and changed the permissions on the folders so the exe's no longer function.

There are guides on how to fully uninstall the game and delete the hidden files that the game stores backups of hogging lots of space.

The game can break randomly at anytime, its best to leave it alone for now and wait until they fix it. Too frustrating otherwise.


@Thunder-Junk-69 I had the same problem a couple days ago, and now I'm going through it again. If you want to fix it to have it inevitably break again, this post Helped solve the problem. The thing I had to look up on my own is how to get permission to delete files in MutableBackup. This game HAS to come out on another platform, I have no doubt this is doing damage at Sega.

Until then, I'm going to use the highly suggested and trusted Tweaker. I'm currently trying to wipe PSO2 off my computer, but I can let you know how it goes.