People Who Annoy You....

Just don't get Comedy like this anymore.... Was reminded of this when someone was being incredibly Racist in one of my blocks. Not that it's ever okay to do so... I just don't know how South Park does it... Pretty sure Stans reaction is basically the one everyone has though, if you know someone who is racist though.

Yup, totally off-topic, but I was bored, and watching South Park, sue me.

@xxHumorxx Context matters.

It's a parody situation and also a social satire thing.

Basically Randy was caught up in the heat of the moment and slips up.

This kind of thing has happened in the past before on TV IRL and sometimes even during concerts etc.

South Park has also firm roots in the industry and bring in a ton of money with their humor that hits home hard.

Remember the episode where they Nuked finland?

I didn't get offended as a finnish person but rather laughed at it.

There actually is an off topic forum for this