Manual or Z aim not working

So I recently I've had this issues. When I Z aim or manual aim, I'm unable aim around with my mouse but on like turrets I have to use wasd to move it. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?

Check your options and make sure that in the camera settings section you have mouse priority to 'camera operation' instead of cursor on both standard and ots view.

EDIT: The full location is Press Esc to bring up the menu. Click on the gears icon and select Options. Then go to Game Settings>Camera Settings. You will find the two tabs for standard and ots controls there.

@ZorokiHanuke That wasn't the issue, but you made me look carefully again and I realized what issue was. Since translation is pretty bad, they had mouse sensitivity as mouse correction and as some who plays FPS games seeing any mouse correction just throws up red flares so I had that at 0. Thanks again!

Glad you got to solve it. And yeah, some things about translation really throw off users. Perhaps a GM can add this one to the list of errors to correct.