TIPS GUIDE: Raising Pure Mags *Revised 2.5*

Version 2.5

Time for another guide to help new players coming into the game and a reminder to veterans who may not have been able to play in a while. Today I'm gonna share with you ways of raising Pure Type Mags.

Pure melee mags are probably the most difficult pure mags to raise, but it is still relatively inexpensive and straightforward to do so. Using hunter weapons to increase Mel is most efficient. Because monomates are an inefficient way to lower ability and 4* furniture is costly, you will instead rely on a mix of 2* and 5* furniture, purchased at the furniture shop for 300 and 400 meseta respectively. These will lower ability rapidly, and if used alternatingly, the remaining bonuses will be canceled out. Your mag will need to consume 3 pairs of 2* and 5* furniture for every 180 S-atk points (6 pre-50 levels) gained. This will cost 350 meseta per 30 MEL points.
Pure ranged mags are the second easiest pure mags to raise. Use ranger weapons to raise RNG. Rely solely on 5* furniture items (400 meseta each) to lower ability. Your mag will need to consume 6 5* furniture items per 180 RNG points (6 pre-50 levels) gained from weapons; in doing so, your mag will gain an additional 30 RNG points (1 pre-50 level) from the furniture itself. This will cost roughly 343 meseta per 30 RNG points.
If the price decreases from JP carry over to NA then pure tech mags will be the cheapest pure mag to raise. Use force weapons to raise TECH. You will use either Shiftarides, Debanrides, or both (200 meseta each) to lower ability. Your mag will need to consume 15 rides for every 360 food points (12 pre-50 levels) of TECH gained from weapons; in doing so, your mag will gain an additional 60 TECH points (2 pre-50 levels) from the rides. This will cost roughly 214 meseta per 30 TECH points.
This one is by far the easiest Pure Mag to max just feed it discs and you will be good to go. Crated discs give even more DEX per feeding so once you are able to craft some to increase with I recommend doing that over using just non-crafted discs.
You can buy devices from the Photon Drop Shop. These devices will allow you to max out the pure mags without needing to reduce any abilities. This will only be more viable later on in the game but if you plan on having multiple mags on one character this will save you meseta.

A small list of items for decreasing Dex itself I recommend players buy different items once in game and experiment with it themselves to find out more. I will be listing items that increase defensive mag stats. If you want a pure defensive mag then use those items listed below. I will not do the math and workout what is the best items for DEF Pure mags.

Bad options to use for pure offensive mags. Try not to use these as they give two increases for one decrease. If you do use these then you will just end up spending more meseta and wasting time.

Monomate MEL ATK + / MEL DEF + DEX -
Dimate RNG ATK + / RNG DEF + DEX -
Trimate, Shiftaride, and Debanride TECH ATK + / TECH DEF + DEX -

Good options to use. If you have no worries about income at the time of raising your mag then you can just use these items. They are slower then using things like Weapons and Units but they will still eventually get your mags straightened out if you aren't starting fresh.

Furniture *1 MEL DEF + MEL ATK - / DEX -
Furniture *2 RNG DEF + RNG ATK - / DEX -
Furniture *3 TECH DEF + TECH ATK - / DEX -
Furniture *4 MEL ATK + MEL DEF - / DEX -
Furniture *5 RNG ATK + RNG DEF - / DEX -
Furniture *6 TECH ATK + TECH DEF - / DEX -

Well this is all the information I have left to share with you guys on raising pure mags. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope all this helps you ARK's out.

What do you mean by "lower ability"?

@SamuraiCrazy said in TIPS GUIDE: Raising Pure Mags:

What do you mean by "lower ability"?

When you feed certain items, some will cause stats in a certain type to go up, while others go down at the same time.

My thread on summoner's subclass has some alternative explanations to pure stats:

Change Log:

  • Made a list for some clarification on what items that can be used for lowering Dex specifically to try and help clear up confusions that may arise.
  • Thanks to @coldreactive and @TRAVISTYxxx for pointing out things within the guide that could use more clarification.

I hope this better helps the players who are looking to raise pure mags. Check out @coldreactive thread for some info you may want to learn about as a new player.

Change Log V2.5

  • Made easier to understand tables for the decreasing DEX items list.

Where does one buy furniture? Also there apparently is some limit on how much you can feed a mag at once? How long does that take to wear off before you can feed it again?

@Shinryu6 said in TIPS GUIDE: Raising Pure Mags *Revised 2.5*:

Where does one buy furniture? Also there apparently is some limit on how much you can feed a mag at once? How long does that take to wear off before you can feed it again?

The furniture shop is below the cafe (on the right if you're facing the cafe) in the shop area. It's also where the badge shop would be. As for the feeding limit; you can feed a mag three items from 0 fullness/energy before it becomes 99% full. You can feed it one item again once it becomes 66% full. The meter will go down even with the mag menu open, so it's not like watching a pot and hoping it will boil.

Hi. Why do you want a pure mag? Does it hurt to have all the stats?

@RussiAmerica The primary thing is that it is required for equipping high rarity Weapons for your class. There are many 15* Weapons in the JPN version that cannot be equipped at all if you don't have a pure Mag for your class.

At present is there anything better to feed a dex mag then non crafted discs?

@Scilin 7* Candy gives +45 to DEX as opposed to the +30 fro Discs. The only issue is that it only drops when you are a Summoner; though, I think there may be some you can buy from the Pet Lab using Synthesizers.

Oooh okay! Thanks. So I only want Tech Support. Nothing else? (I'm going techter)

thanks guess ills tick to the regular discs Id like it to gofaster but not at the cost of losing out on synthesizers I guess

@Scilin The original use of Synthesizers is not in the NA version, and their only use is to buy some of the Candies from the Pet Lab now.

Question If I want to reduce my Dex level is the onle way with the delevel device?