Cosmetics during the beta period(closed/open) should come back sooner rather than later.

I know a lot of us waited for the full release to properly play the game. The cosmetics during that period should be available to purchase said pieces and scratch banners be available to the general release. It doesn't make sense why the banners were even released during the beta period and now unavailable to the rest of the NA base.


I've made my position clear enough that it should suffice for me to just say "I agree" without explaining yet again why fairness is good or why making PC players happy makes the game more money.

I could really do with making a revised version of this sometime. It was made before PC launch and there's a lot that needs removing (e.g. the Open Beta and Game Pass Ultimate sets, Ready Sword) and a little that needs adding (e.g. the first three Fresh Finds recommended sets, arguably Season 3).

This is a request that regularly keeps reappearing in various forms depending on what the poster/s wanted but weren't allowed to play for. GM response has been very quiet on the matter, though the most informative reply on the matter was made yesterday. I am hoping the JP dev team are just waiting for all the critical PC issues to be resolved before revealing some form of catch-up allowance so all the PC players can benefit from it.

I'm glad to hear that this is already been discussed! It's crazy how some of the earlier pieces are stupidly over priced in player shops atm / not available at all.

I hope they do this soon, given that I have quite an interest in a CAST set that I used to use back on JP servers ALL THE TIME (Zieg/Zig Armor Set).