Missing Premium Pass

Hello, recently I started playing and obtained the premium pass (30 days) from the game pass ultimate pack. I was saving it until I knew I wanted to use it and after checking today it seems to have disappeared from my inventory. I can't seem to figure out how since I still have my 30 day personal quarters pass that I was saving as well but no premium on my account. Any help is appreciated.

Have you checked your storage?

Yeah I probably should've mentioned I've checked everywhere. I've kept the Personal Quarters passes in my storage and checked both storages too.

Ya that's really odd. I once bought a 90 day premium pass and couldn't find it anywhere on my inventory, but it ended up in my storage even though my inventory wasn't full. Are there no other characters either that you may of possibly transferred it to accidentally? Also do you know if you didn't use it already?

I think my account would be premium if that was the case. I wish I could tell you what happened to it.

If you still can't find it, the only other option is contacting support. https://pso2.com/support#contact-us

I appreciate the assistance! I did not realize there was a place to submit a support ticket. I would have submitted one if I had found that first lol.


Having the same issue.