Auxiliary mag personalization?

Is there a way to determine what type of MAG your auxiliary gets? Like specifically? I'd prefer mine to have the pure Range MAG, the one that looks like the little spaceship, but having her at Gunner/Ranger causes it to level pure dex. I was going to reset my AUX anyway because I made a couple mistakes, so I was wondering if there was a way to specifically direct her to have the MAG I want. I know it probably dosn't matter a whole lot, but since they give you control over your AUx's aesthetics, I feel like this isn't too unreasonable! If we could give them a mag evolution device, that'd be different, but since there's no option for that, I'm wondering if there's a specific class combo to have her level up to get that pure range mag

Suppose I wouldn't mind the Mel/RNG one either, Cygnus I think it's named. Level her as Hunter first, then swap to a ranged class? Or would that just throw in more DEX?

All you need to know can be found here.

Somethings might be different in the NA ver. but all the same.

There dosn't seem to be anything about the MAG in there, I guess that...might be determined by their starting class, maybe?



Pure (M & F) = MAG Crux (DEX) Healer: Uses Star Atomizers or cast Resta when a party member is injured.

Eloquent (M) Suave (F) = MAG Monoceros (TECH) Guardian: Average chance to cast Deband on themselves when nearby enemies.

Cool (M) Clumsy (F) = MAG Cygnus (RNG + DEX > STR) Savior: Low chance to use Moon Atomizers when a party member is defeated.

Timid (M) Naive (F) = MAG Delphinus (Strike > Dex + Range or Tech) Condition Master: Inflicts Burn, Freeze, Shock, Mirage, Panic, or Poison.

Naughty (M) Boyish (F) = MAG Caelum (Tech + Dex > Range) Fiery: Casts Shifta & Deband on themselves when a party member is defeated.

It's a simple as the PERSONALITY? And it'll just...CHANGE? My lord that's incredible you've saved me so much stress I love you