You know a 630 sucks when it happens right at the end of your Magatsu XH run. Moments before we were about to break the red crystal for drops too.

Ouch 630-chan has no heart .... my condolences

Apologies @Eye-ce ! I hope this issue won't reduce the love you have for the game. We are already doing our best to fix all of these technical issues so I am humbly asking for more understanding.

@GM-Bleed It would never take away my love for the game! Very much appreciate the work you guys are putting towards making the game that much more playable for everyone.

I thought I was the only one. The err 630 appeared after the 06/09 patch for me, didn't even happen once before. Now I get this err in nearly every EQ or farming in AQ ( random times, I can't figure out when and why ).

Can't even play peacefully because of that, I'm nearly done with this game.

@Aurack I'm NeArLy DoNe WiTh ThIs GaMe.

@Arturia I spat out my drink.