I try to run PSO2 launcher as admin and it say I don't have permissions to open the launcher.

pso20200614_143605_000.jpg All the did was turn my computer off last night and than turned it on this morning so lol not even sure what to do about this but try uninstall the game and start from scratch.

Ok so after looking into for some reason either about 9000 files in my PSO2 either deleted themselves or locked themselves away some were on my computer. Which one it is idk yet, but either way the result is when I try launch the game it can't locate those 9000 files. Reinstalling them now will see if it fixes my issues.

Ok game all patched with duct tape. No longer being yelled at for not having permission to open it. Not sure why this happened but really wish it would be fixed sooner rather than later, because many people aren't going to be willing to rip at their OS for 4 hour like I had to in order to fix the game so it works again.

yeah, it seems some of your files were corrupt, somehow. For example, your pso and pso2launcher files were only 16KB instead of 25598KB and 5667KB. Pso2startup was probably also corrupt, since it didn't show its icon like the others. As for where the files may have been, if they were just missing, they could have been moved to C:\Program Files\WindowsApp\MutableBackup. By default, the WindowsApps folder is hidden and protected by a user account called TRUSTEDINSTALLER, preventing access without taking over ownership of the folder.

@Ragnawind Ya there all the old files that went missing thanks. I don't understand why they designed this launcher privileges as if it was the OS it self. People shouldn't need to go through all these locked files to access the game's folder. It seems Microsoft needs to stick with developing OS and nothing else because it clear after see how they designed this launcher they don't understand a 60 GB game shouldn't have it files locked up tight like it a core piece of software.