[Ship 3] <00 Rebirth> alliance is recruiting new players and veterans.

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EDIT: Currently we are rank 52 in rares and rank 74 in alliance points. Thank you to everyone who helped this happen!

What we are about

00 Rebirth was started at the launch of NA PC and has been steadily increasing in members every day. We are a mix of both new and old PSO2 players and pride ourselves on our ability to share knowledge, time, and resources with each other to help create one of the best alliances on Ship 3.

Do you like having reliable active players to level in Advanced Quests?

How about a full group to run Ultimate Quests with?

Or someone to help guide you through that expensive augment process?

If any of this sounds like something you are interested in, this might be the alliance you are looking for.

How we operate

We have a discord which is optional (but HIGHLY recommend) which will help you get together with other alliance members, get information that’s easier to digest on game mechanics, easier ability to ask questions.

During peak times we have around 25-30 active members online, with many more members that log in casually depending on their schedule.

Often times we run 12 man alliance MPA (Multi Party Alliance) groups in Ultimate Quests to help members get the gear for endgame.

How to get in

Contact one of these fine people to join the alliance and start playing with fun, like minded people.

Leader: Sixty_

Officers: Tazi, Tempest_XV, Franchestnut, Simplie, Danniekinz, Zesshi19

Alliance Rank 5

Type: Casual progression, (with a few hardcore but that’s not required)


groupshotmpa.jpg We look forward to seeing you in game.


Another bump.

Awesome Alliance, been a member for a few weeks and it's crazy how far we've come in a short amount of time. 84 members atm and growing quickly. Everyone helps each other and super knowledgable guys from JP servers as well. Join us.


We are currently at the point where we always fill our Ultimate and Urgent runs with 12 people and have others left over. Currently we are splitting about 8/9 per group. This is your chance to help fill 2 12 man groups and get some sweet 13s. There are a lot of great people in the alliance and we are always looking for members who are willing to help each other out, share knowledge, grind gear, and dance in the main gate.


Message any of the officers in game or message me on discord at Tazi#6669

Oh how this crew has expanded upon my already immense intellectual capabilities /s..

If it isn't the deafening excitement after another member finally finds their Slave Gunblade or when our emotes line up to form an image of beauty that brings a tear to my eye, (singular, lost the other one from staring directly at the volume of pole dances going on)

This alliance will challenge you to decide whether your life choices have culminated with you finally joining 00 Rebirth... Or if your life choices have left you with few choices other than joining 00 Rebirth


In all seriousness, if you are looking for a solid group of people to play this game, laugh over stupid emotes, and get collectively frustrated/excited over the upcoming PSO2 content, you will be hard pressed to find a better group

Id like to join.

@Zix You are more than welcome to join! feel free to message Tazi on Discord for more info.


Also, thank you Eisley for your well thought out and high IQ comment. It's not every day we get to spend time with an intellectual such as yourself.