Episode 2 Chapter 4 Quest “Day of Resurrection” stuck

I am playing on PC. I was doing the “Day of Resurrection” mission on normal. I got through the first area, defeated all ARKS that showed up, no problems so far. I got to the second area where the cinematic part starts before you fight the 5 named characters ( Risa, Jan, etc. ). The fight starts, i defeat them all and then my character stops and i cannot move it anymore. I can control the interface, get in the menus, change gear, access everything including logout and such. Everything around me continues to work as if i am still capable of moving. There should be a cinematic that starts here and then the story and map continue. But the cinematic never starts and my character is still stuck in place. The problem is with the cinematic not initiating at the end of the fight. It’s getting close to the end period to get past Chapter 5 to get the campaign rewards and i cannot get past this point. I need some help or some solution. Anyone else have this issue??

Please disregard this post. Problem was solved after a file recheck.

We're glad that the issue is already fixed. If you have encountered any issue again, our support team is more than happy to assist you. You may file a ticket to us in this link: https://pso2.com/support#contact-us