Start the open beta "soon!"

It's definitely ready for open beta, an I am too! Seriously though it is ready an the longer you wait the more likely it is that the hype will die down for people who aren't as invested in the PSO world... Only major suggestion is let us play! 😖 😢 I can't remember the last time I was actually looking forward to a game(last one I can think of was in 2003! But over time interest slows as people start other games, an I really don't want that to happen everyone who was playing was awesome an I don't want them playing something else when OBT/release happens.

After playing the open beta, an seeing the tweets from @play_pso2 saying "soon!" I really thought it would be starting literally soon... but I know soon is different to everyone.

EDIT: Just looked over my post an it might be misinterpreted as joking from the smiley faces, but I really do believe this to be a legitimate suggestion, albeit obvious I didn't see anyone else suggest it yet.

Also if you are pushing it back because to many suggestions don't, just implement them when official release happens. Or as we play?

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@Agent-of-Shadow who pissed in your cheerios? I am sorry if it was a Wesley, but it wasn't me. 😏 This is for suggestions an I suggest the beta start.

"The game will be released when the game will be released. Just making the OBT come sooner won't make the full release come any faster." That is fine release it whenever you think it's ready, I just suggested start OBT.

I say it's ready for open beta because I played it an it played great. Sorry if you had a different experience maybe it isn't, but this is my suggestion based on how my gameplay experience was for me. And has been for a few years(In Japan). The only real problem was with Xbox release was making sure it worked on Xbox an it did. Simple as that... It has been a finished game for years in Japan.

The only problem I had during gameplay was one NPC in the casino still spoke in Japanese, but the text was English. Which is fine for beta.

I don't want any changes I was just suggesting if they are going to make any do it during beta to see how it goes.

Did anyone play the game an think it wasn't ready? Minus you and the first few hours when server authentication got clogged or whatever was the problem.

It's to bad you played it an thought it wasn't ready, I did.

As for your "major changes" I didn't say it needed any. I would agree with you on that if I said it, but I didn't.

Curious what major changes do you want them to do? If they do anything to major it might be a different game, which if that is what you want it definitely shouldn't be released yet.

There was another small game(maybe you heard of it, it had something to do with night and a fort I think) that released as "beta" an did great... So maybe your friends don't play betas, but lot of people don't care if it is listed as beta as long as game is good. This is a finished game. The only thing we are waiting for is VAs(I guess?). And probably a few things with chat windows(people were posting lewd stuff I guess), and making sure it works properly on Xbox(which it did for me). As far as I can see from my personal experience an what I have read.

As for soon... give me a break ffs, lol. you seem to have me confused with someone you know maybe? What's the problem? IMO you came off negative an angry with me, an I really don't see what your problem is with me(or maybe it's with PSO an just vented at my post?) Or maybe I misunderstood you as you did with what I said?

Hopefully I elaborated enough for you to understand where I am coming from though. Really sucks that you didn't like the game enough to think it to be a game complete enough for beta yet.

Anyways I hope you feel better about yourself... I don't.

This post is deleted!