Looking for a ex-player from PSO2 SEA [Yukihira]

As stated on the title, i am looking for an old player named "Yukihira" from PSO2 SEA which its server already closed in 2017. We did not have a chance to have each other's contact. All i can remember is that he is my Guild Leader (Forgot the guild name as well 😞 ) and we had so much fun playing together as a guild.

If by any chance you are playing and reading this, please do let me know.

  • Neoriyuki , Himiyuki (PSO2 SEA)
  • PandoraYue (Current)

Well I can at least say that im one of the SEA player that get the sucky SEA server of PSO2 but sad to say im not this person, but i might be able to look and ask around for u, do u know the exact country he/she is from though?