My 1 AM idea: Lobby music

So I like the current Sonic Adventure music, but some people get the cringes after hearing the 287287546th loop of it. Would it be possible for this game to swap tracks? As in, current one ends, starts another Sonic themed song and so on. If the game itself can't swap, would it be possible then to record a few songs in a single track and put them there? I mean, that would give the lobby a bit more variety when running events and all that.

Anyway, my 1 am idea. Don't mind me, I sometimes blurt out nonsense....

Turn off bgm and use YouTube or spotify like the rest of normal people

THAT would be awesome if we could swap out songs like in the good ol days of OGG but now we're on this new fangled interweaving vorbis system

we just need a button in audio: use original lobby music

@GrandTickler87 said in My 1 AM idea: Lobby music:

we just need a button in audio: use original lobby music

Good idea, then I might actually get to hear the original lobby music, whatever that is.

@SolthusX23 "Day Dawns" - Hideaki Kobayashi / Fumie Kumatani

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@SolthusX23 "Day Dawns" - Hideaki Kobayashi / Fumie Kumatani

That's the one, last time I heard that was back in the SEA version of PSO2 (boy was spending money on that one a mistake).

Well you got to play the game earlier than most of us at least! haha.

As for the soundtrack for PSO, it's quite amazing. I haven't played through enough PSO2 to make a solid opinion on it yet but I'm still enjoying the music that I've heard in it so far. Though I definitely feel that the original PSO music ranks top among some of the best original VG music ever made.

the loop doesn't bother me that much but that maybe because of my nostalgia boner from hearing Station Square music From SADX(the version i played on the GC)when i was a smoll child.

Honestly I don't think anything will drive me more bonkers then the looping wedding music did.

yep that one was 100% cringe lol.

I had thought a video ad was playing in the background on my computer browser when I heard the wedding music for the first time, then I realized shortly afterwards that it was the event going on in-game that the PC crowd was met with at the time of the games release for the OS. Took me by surprise haha.

I still feel that while PSO2's sound track so far is catchy, the original PSO's tracks destroy this one. Things like the de rol le boss music, the mines combat music, the start and ending songs on PSO among others. These were virtual perfection not often found in this media.

out of all PSO2`s amazing soundtrack my favorite has to be "omega Masquerade" in episode 5 or atleast 1 of my favorites.