“You cannot scout [Name] because the player is being scouted by 5 players.”

...So why even show them on the Alliance scouting list at the moment? And why not have a refresh option?

I’ve seen the same lists of names for a few days now, and I highly doubt they’re the only ones in the entire ship without an Alliance.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a way to filter out people who have 5 scouts? It’s literally impossible to find anyone.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m whining or complaining. I’m just really baffled because I love the game and I want to be able to experience it with like-minded people. But it seems like the game is gatekeeping its own social system with a poor recruitment menu. 😞

Kinda like the quest list being filled with parties that cannot be joined...

Yep, this limitation single-handedly makes the recruiting search useless. I've been playing since PC launch and have found only 1 player that didn't already have 5 invites pending.

@Lorient And it also seems like the list is never changing... Like are the people being scouted just not interested in getting into an Alliance? There’s no way everyone in the list is ignoring all of their scouts nonstop.

I compiled a list of all the issues/complaints/suggestions we had with the Alliance. Scouting for new players/members is a chore in this game and very annoying on other levels. https://forum.pso2.com/topic/3418/alliance-overhaul-needed-collaboration?_=1592461602923

@ERICK001BC That’s a very extensive and also very practical list of ideas you have there. Hopefully something can be done to streamline Alliance recruitment and functionality.

@Bippzy Well it was a compilation of more than 10 pages of back tracking. It really feels like Alliances are just ignored in the game.