Why can't we be friend's pso2 *Language reverted*

I know theses forums are blowing up with borked launcher and game installs, personally i was going to look past that but now for some reason im faced with a new challenge my language of my launcher reverted back to Japan keep in mind this is strictly the NA server version i don't own the japan version of pso2. I would also like to call to attention this is my 4th time downloading it after clearing out 440GB of locked files and inaccessible files due to this i bought a new hard drive before i learned what damage this launcher can do. now i got my rant out of the way does anyone know how to unbork this? .. or is this the end of the road.


I would also like to squish the tech support quote

"If the update file was corrupt Communication and file contents may be affected by other applications. Please close any other running applications and refrain from using them while Phantasy Star Online is downloading. Additionally, long download times from certain internet providers may result in corrupt files. Please consult your internet service provider if this is the case."

Screenshot_2020-06-17 Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test.png

@Mesmashhed That looks like the JP launcher... where did you download the game from? Can you get ingame by any chance?

Microsoft store, i'm currently waiting for the launcher to update? ill update you shortly

it super crashed my system its spitting memory errors now for the love of ...

before my computer blew up and i mean literately blew up, every virus detection on my PC lit up like a fire cracker i'm still fighting with it, it was throwing memory errors for my mother drivers. i think im done messing around with this game for fear my rig will not beable to recover

here is the imagine PHANSTSTART.png