PSO2 won't start anymore

Hey gang, So I play PSO2 through the windows store and now it looks like this and won't start:

I tried the fix that is stickied, repair through app settings and still nothing. I'll try reinsalling entirely, but based on the replies from the sticky thread, it's still happening to people. I hate to start a new thread, but that one has too many pages to sift through with no resolutions. Has anyone figured this out?

Try restarting your computer and starting the game back up. If the same thing happens it did for me you'll get a weird error (I don't remember what it was) and then try opening it again and it'll tell you it's going to update the launcher. It seems like an update for Gaming Service broke the game.

Er, mind you, I'm not entirely certain this will fix it. The game is right now in the process of fixing files.

if this doesnt work ill have the actual fix its just a pain in the well you know ...