Need accessories suggestions!


I am trying to find some head accessories but none seem to really work with what I got in head. Also possible some back accessories that don't cost 18 millions if possible.

I vote for horns. Naturally. 🙂

Yusss. Horns would be great!! I made a Deuman this time around so naturally I have some w/o accessories. Or some sort of black facemask that brings out the red eyes.

Also since I've finally managed to get a DANG RED RING in PSO... I have a certain attachment to using a red ring on pso2.

Oooh, yeah that would be nice. The Black Aries Horns would be a different take, though those are from the FUN Scratch on 3-18 so might be hard to find. 38cf83db-7e0d-4074-83fb-86260ae2e3fa-image.png

Ok those are actually pretty cool!!!!!!! I wonder how much they go for atm.

@Xurai There is a mask that kinda looks like Joker's from Persona 5 I guess,but I like my girl's face.

@Morgothryuzaki There's also the "Amali Horns" which might be cheaper as they went out of rotation more recently from a scratch off.

I really want the Geometry Wings but those are so massively expensive 😞