GM suggestions :Change wings colors for CASTs

Is there any ways to have this implemented? Because this is kinda a bummer for us CASTs...

Hi @Morgothryuzaki ! We will definitely add this to our suggestion pool for consideration. Thank you for bringing this up!

@GM-Bleed I just feel like being able to change every colors would benefit the CASTs. For example,most wings have internal lines that are yellow,but all the internal lines on my armor are red.


Example of what I mean. See those white lines? They don't work with my red ones.

Thanks for looking out for us casts morgo

I second this suggestion, though I'm not sure if in the same exact way - I'd love it if the glowy CAST accessories were able to match your cast's glow sub color! These are pics from JP but same idea; a lot of these accessories are locked to one or two colors, especially blue or yellow which makes customizing CASTs with these accessories a bit of a pain unless you go with a blue or yellow sub color: alt text

But it'd be really cool to have that glow match the sub color glow of your CAST, I think, like this! alt text

and for accessories with the white lines, those white lines could match another CAST's sub color, or the same glow sub color, since they show up so commonly on CAST accessories!

For example these are some accessories that have the white bits on them: alt text

But they could have versions that match another one of your CAST's sub colors, the non-glowy one for example: alt text

You could have it to where the glow sub color could be applied to any glowy part of the accessory, and the secondary sub color that isn't used for glow (in most cases) apply to the white areas, and if there's no sub color data being loaded for these accessories on like a Human or something, they could default to the white and default glow color! Or perhaps either the white or glow could take on the color of a basewear for an outfit, and if none of that applies it could default to what we already have? I have no idea how plausible any of this is, though...

@Lwyu of course! I love trying to be involved eoth this game,and I think this would benefit a lot of the CASTs. Hell,right now of you look at female CASTs... I think mine is one of the very rare cases of looking like a robot. That says a lot about accessories issues.

I'm a black and green Cast and want my white and black wings to match!! This topic is old and still hasn't been fixed!!!

i agree with it isnt just the wings most cosmetic accessory stay a different light colour i put a recommendation for a separate colour channel for accessories.


Can you do a looks breakdown