SAVE US ! Skill reset plis xD

Release a skill reset because the builds are all badly done, and we on the PC haven't won one yet, I never asked you for anything xD

As a reminder:

  1. Skill Resets will reset skill trees for every class and every additional tree you own for each.
  2. They cost more than adding a skill tree.

@coldreactive said in SAVE US ! Skill reset plis xD:

They cost more than adding a skill tree.

Not if they get a free distribution. I hear from Xbox players that they've been distributed about once a month so far, and the PC version has been out for almost a month now so unless they start slowing down now we should get one without having to wait too long.

As another reminder, I hear they are distributed one per character, so if you haven't used your three free character slots, make dummy characters on the same ship as your main to get extra skill resets. 👍

@Miraglyth He's probably just remembering the old AC single tree resets that used to be in the JPN version. Those cost 1000AC versus the 500AC for an extra tree.