So... Fighter Builds?

I'm kind of torn between the stances that I've seen in the Fighter skills although I would like to be fighting enemies upfront but I do like to go after their weak points from time to time. But I'm not so sure about the stances, which seems to be meant to be switch between the two depending on the situation. I'm not sure what sort of builds an aggressive fighter that also targets weak points when he gets the chance should have. So I want to know what sort of builds that a good would normally have or should avoid depending on the playstyle of the player. While I won't be an actual main Fighter I will use it as a subclass to Hunter and Braver and switch between all three of them as time goes on.

Limit Break Insurance is for casual Fi players, if you aim to get good at the class, don't grab it because it's a bug detrimental to your overall DPS as it kills your Limit Break immediately so you don't die and the CD increases everytime it's activated. Sega just announced in their stream last night that the CD will reset but requires you actually not die during LB (which is something you technically shouldn't be doing anyways) which sounds good but really it's a pointless balance update to the class. Here's a build though for reference

And no, Chase Advanced should NOT be maxed out, everything in this game gets melted so fast that by the time the Status Effect procs the mob dies, even on bosses it's not worth bother outside 1SP since it doesn't last on the boss the whole fight and most bosses can't be status effected in the terms of keeping it on them the whole fight unless it's something like Jellen. You're also going to be mainly using Brave Stance the whole time anyways, rare occasions where you will use Wise Stance since anything that is aggro'd to you will always face you're direction.

fighter as a subclass typically gets both stances completely maxed, both of the Tech Arts skills to the right of the stances, probably max out PP Slayer; and I would still grab chase advance/plus with a single point of chase bind for fun when you have the points for it. It might not work on major bosses, but I can say chase advance/plus and chase bind work on Stunned enemies, while Chase Advance/plus can increase damage to enemies with bind on them too.

Normally subclasses just get fed bonus keys from the daily featured quests to reach level cap; especially for classes that have fairly different trees depending on if you are going to use them as a main class or a subclass primarily (specifically hunter, fighter, and techter trees are like this), but if you do gotta bring it into some other content, I'd recommend taking a focus skill for a weapon so leveling the subclass doesnt feel like a total pain

By the looks of it I will need a skill reset when available.

Appreciate your guy's help.

Great information in this post!

i did a small edit to the Fi tree I posted, I forgot you don't max out PP Slayer and instead allocate those SP's into Strike Up 1-3 for a CONSTANT S-atk (Mel) increase over having to get your PP bar down to 50% for it to proc. Theres 3 extra SP, I guess throw those wherever you feel like. You also don't need both stances to play Fighter either, you'll realize how much you don't use Wise Stance over time

Looks like I got quite a bit to study for whenever I get around to doing the Client Orders for Fighter. I'm afraid it'll be 75 by the time the Open Beta's over if the game doesn't come out within the next 2 weeks.