@Yggranya In my experience in carrying some of the lower-level players on Emergency Quests like the Mining Base Defense quests it is largely an attitude of "someone else will carry me" or "this will be easy." There is no real punishment for dying, going back to the Gateship, and just jumping back into the action (and restocking on items) until you get to certain Emergency Quests like the final raid boss from Episode 6 where there is no Gateship to return to if you die.

Yeah thats one thing i cant stand in this game is people who leech or they go into a XH quest trying to level a class they dont have units or weps for its unfair to the people who are trying to farm the content using TIMED boosters.

@VanillaLucia Maybe they are trying to "help" their friend get free FUN points? Not like getting EX-cubes is hard, but maybe the free part is too enticing to pass up? Maybe they just want to help random people get free FUN points? Maybe they know they are irrelevant to mission success, and decide to go do stupid things for the lulz or something? Who knows.

@Yggranya That's so absurdly inefficient compared to just blitzing content for cubes that it might actually explain the garbage gear some people have equipped. One res is 50 times less FUN than two cubes, and you have to buy/restock Moons for it.

@Yggranya I recall that it caps out at specific point (something like 100 FUN points). There is no incentive to "die" just to feed others with FUN points when they use a Moon Atomizer. Maybe this would make sense if someone was trying to stretch out and reach the 100 FUN points needed for a single FUN Scratch like the Thanksgiving event had as a daily repeatable mission but there's faster sources for this (Lookbook/Fashion Catalog, sending Kudos to other players, and two Excubes for 1000 FUN points).

I have a hard time believing the random player(s) who casually eats the floor is trying to boost the FUN points for the one person (only one person gets the FUN points) who revives them.

I guess the question I have is, "is this a widespread problem?"

I notice occasionally that guy in a UQ who dies a LOT but it's so uncommon that I can't fathom it being a trend that can be explained by FUN farming or something.

@_Flux_ Maybe it isn't widespread, but on ship 4 there seems to be at least one player with no units equipped or simply unupgraded random units that are so bad that they get one-shotted regardless in any of the time-limited missions or UQs. I would say 1 out of 3. I couldn't fathom people doing it even if they got 100x the FUN points from it, but it is what it is, i guess. I could ask them why, but as with other seemingly stupid thing people have done in games, they either say nothing or say some random drivel.

@Yggranya If I had to guess, it would be someone trying very badly to bot.