Players with no name plate

So I play on PC use to play on Xbox but ever since I started playing on PC I have noticed that some people including one of my friends have no name plate and can not interact with them at all it always says "can't select this player" also w.e they type in chat it appears as "..." but on Xbox I can see them type and interact with them just fine so I was wondering who else has noticed this when playing on PC and if there is a fix

You have to login to your account on and check the privacy settings. Your Windows 10 settings might be different that on the XBOX One.

@Ragnawind my settings are the same so idk why some people are like that

That;s unusual, then. You and the other person will likely have to send a support ticket and see if they can identify the problem..

I see nameless players too sometimes. Can't interact with them either... (on PC)