Quick question about guard/fury stance.

I know that if you go guard stance you can gain a lot of attack by guarding right before a monster hits you, but I usually tend to dodge with dash so should I go fury stance? Because I like doding with using dashes and the occasional block. Or do you also have to block with fury stance aswell right before a mob hits you? Cuz I just dislike that entirely, my gameplay style is more towards dash dodging and damaging. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Fury Stance is passive and always-active. Guard Stance temporarily disables Fury Stance. All of the melee-focused classes have something similar: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/5281/fury-stance-not-available/4

Dash dodge as Hunter is a waste in most situations unless an attack is unblockable or you know what you're doing with setting up a counter attack in a specific way. Perfect Guard is the preferred method of defense as it's built into your PAs when charging once you have the charge parry skill besides being able to just press the weapon action button, and more importantly all of the methods mentioned before activate Perfect Guard PP gain skill giving you 20PP per guard. In addition all three weapons (now 2 since Partizan ring isn't in yet) have guard rings that let you immediately counter with a free PA with buffed damage at their max level, making JG an even better option for many situations. It's not even all since all grab PAs for Wired Lances have guard frames on their beginning, and sword Blaze Parry is the best DPS on the weapon while requiring you to perform a Perfect Guard during its duration.

Guard Stance is generally the preferred Hunter main skill but going Fury Stance isn't going to be a massive loss for your DPS. If you want to use the same tree as a subclass, Fury Stance also offers much better damage. Guard Stance when used properly will still do better damage than Fury Stance, and for now will also enable you to take more other skills as it's cheaper.

So basically I'm supposed to take both guard and fury ? xD I just dont like the whole concept of perfect guard. Is it possible to play this class without having to pefect guard by taking certain skills over another? Or am I better of switching to a differnet class, maybe braver/hunter or something?

No, you're supposed to choose only one stance per tree. It's just that Guard Stance offers better damage and more skill points for Hunter mains, while having the downside of not offering much damage in case you use Hunter as your subclass.

Im using it as main, and fighter as sub, okay so basically what im asking if I want to Main hunter and sub fighter do I need to perfect guard to maximize damage? sorry just confused with the skills lol

Yes, to maximize damage you need to Perfect Guard

Hows Braver/Hunter, as a melee class or do you ave any suggestions for another meleee class that can just dash dodge and deal daamge although im liking the katana style lol

Braver/Hunter is really tied to the parry too since it releases gear and deals massive damage. Fighter/Hunter is more reliant on step dodges and swaying moves, especially knuckle and DS. Hero and Phantom which will arrive EP5 and 6 will also be centered around dodging instead of guarding.

Oh ok and can any class become hero ? Or how does it work?

Hero is just another class with some unlock requirements that I am afraid I don't remember in its newest version. I think it's having two classes at level 75 ever since the requirements have been relaxed. The class should arrive with EP5. The only new thing for it is that it cannot have subclass but that just means you don't have much of a build choice there, as Hero's skill tree was built with being a pure class in mind.

as hunter I go fury stance all the way for 2 reasons, A: I usually main Br with Hu subclass, and B: timing block exactly is a pain in the ass on some enemies, at least until you've fought them solo a few times.

its near impossible to see anything when in a big team so theres no way you'll learn timing on a new enemy like that.

Whats a good melee class where you dont have to do timed blocking?

@Parmster Bouncer. Its defense is all about dodging, whether it be with a normal Sidestep or with the Weapon Action.