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Will PSO2 mags be like the old mags of PSO 1 and have effects and special abilities or will they just be for looks ?

@LORD-THANATOS Mags will have stats, levels, abilities, etc. You can also change their form with evolution devices! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ You can even check out the article we have about them here: Hope this answers your question!

Tech mags > All

There is an ARKs mission that awards you 50 mini devices of each attack type. This is for reaching level 30.

One of the most important lessons on Mag leveling: most useful mags require purity Either Pure Mel power, pure Rng Power, pure Tec power or pure Dex

Hunter, Fighter use pure Mel mag

Ranger, Gunner use pure Rng mag

Force uses pure Tec man

Bouncer, Braver use pure Dex mag

Techter and Summoner use different mags depending on what subclass they have For example Te/Hu wants a pure Mel Mag while Te/Fi uses a pure Tec mag. Te/Br however uses a pure Dex mag.

I like my mags like I like my television - Monochromatic.

I've been visiting Officer Cofy but can't get an option to discus Mags/MAG LICENSE TRIAL. Is there something I'm missing or are they not introduced yet..?

I'm not sure if it was the Practice Quests or having come back from second Urgent Quest. But got my MAG LICENSE!! WOOOOO!!!!!

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Are there any guides showing the best items to feed the mags? I would like to be able to raise one stat only, but it looks like some juggling of items will be involved due to me wanting to raise 1 tech mag and 1 mag for a ranger.

You can use Photon spheres in the photon drop shop to feed your mag specific stat up devices.

@Cathy said in Mags:

You can use Photon spheres in the photon drop shop to feed your mag specific stat up devices.

Okay. Thanks for the information.

Once a mag has earned 1 level in an undesired stat, is it possible to remove those stats without need of a full reset device?