The game still breaks every time I restart Windows, eats another 80GB of MutableBackups which has to be manually deleted, and requires an all-day full download to get playable again.

I have Windows 10 updated to current (which is why I restarted in the first place).

I don't really care if it's a Windows Store issue (though this seems likely) or a client issue, but you guys really need to push to get it fixed. This kind of slapdash implementation is really not a good look for you.

The tweaker is not a solution, as it requires surrendering low-level security controls to a third-party program. No disrespect to the devs for the tweaker, they're clearly dedicated and have done an impressive job, but that is not an acceptable compromise to play a professionally-produced game. We're already trusting Microsoft and Sega with local permissions on our PC's, expecting us to trust literally anyone else is not reasonable.

I really enjoy the game, but this is not okay. I am willing to put time and money into your game... please let me play it.