AC Support item pack - PAY TO WIN

Imagine calling this pay to win L M A O O O O learn to play, imagine blaming gear in a 80% skill based game. Please it's getting painful to watch, stop ridiculizing yourself so hard and making up terrible excuses for your own lack of expertise. Boost items? That's like a 0.5% DPS increase average, you think that will make you "win"?


Oh, and stop making me waste so much money on restocking Moon Atomizers while you're at it.

Great Enhancement & Safe Enhancer are the only things worth it and you obtain them in game. I already have a few of these I've been saving. Even then you should just stick to using Enhancement +50%. I have hundreds of these.

This AC scratch isn't worth it even for those that want to follow a P2W dynamic. Calm down. These support packs also exist on JP. Welcome to the F2P world, first time? If buying Moon Atomizers is really denting your wallet, you're doing something wrong.

@Rue Thanks for not reading a single word of my post.

I like it, gives a chance for the people that didnt have time to get all those resources to get them in bulks. Plus more time to same meseta for more real scratches.

@Shirokami07 Probably a knee jerk reaction to the title.

P2W is a magical word to gather hates toward you. Far more effective than Hunter's War Cry.