My OC: Raven Darkwing

Hello all! I'm so glad that the GMs approved my request to have this subforum 😄

Phantasy Star is what got me interested in creating my own OC and really helped me stretch out my creativity. I figured I would start off by sharing my main OC, Raven Darkwing! I created her back when I got into Phantasy Star Universe and went from there. I recently tweaked on her bio to help explain how she ended up in the world of Phantasy Star Online 2. It wasn't an easy feat since it's difficult finding lore.

All art shown here was drawn by me and I kindly ask that you don't use it ♥ Thanks!

Her newest reference Raven Reference 2020 WM.png

A picture of her and her father on Moatoob. They don't have the best relationship 🐷 Christmas on Moatoob.png

Raven hanging out at the Fireworks festival on Neudaiz and posing for a picture. She's proudly showing off her mother's pendant. Fireworks at Neudaiz Clem WM.png

An old reference of Raven's Nanoblast. nanoblast.png

I have plenty more and plan on doing more art as well :3 Thanks for viewing!

Love it! And yes, lore can be difficult to find.


Pretty interesting, I should do a Bio as well!